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The Ditch quilting foot is designed with a centre position metal blade. This will follow your seam lines precisely allowing perfect "in the ditch " quilting. Used in conjunction with janome variable needle positions, it is also perfect for top stitching or under stitching a facing.

Category B/C as in picture

Price £14.00

CategoryA.not in photo £13.00

The embroidery foot is used for free hand embroidery and darning to ensure proper stitch formation,minimise skipped stitches and puckering and also to protect your fingers whilst you move the fabric freely under the needle. The open toe greatly improves visibility of stitches and is especially popular with quilters.

Category B as in picture

Price £14.00

As its name suggests the roller foot has rollers that roll against the fabric and act like the track on a bulldozer for sewing up and over heavy seams and uneven surfaces. Ideal for sewing heavy fabrics the rollers move freely between the foot and the feed dogs so that the foot rides easily over varying thicknesses. Also used to sew sticky fabrics,leather and vinyls

Category B/C as in picture

Price £13.00

The  Snap on zip foot


Category B as in picture

The  Snap on universal foot  for straight stitch/ zig zag 5mm  max

NOT for use on 7mm zz machines


Category A as in picture Price £6.50

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Domestic Walking  Foot  / Even Feed  Attatchment an essential for the serious sewing, patchwork or quilting enthusiast. When two fabrics can slide like satin or on long curtains this foot prevents the saga of one end of the seam longer than the other.The foot is screwed onto the presser bar and the arm positioned over the needle bar screw then this ingenious device clamps and moves the fabric ready for the next stitch

Even Feed foot

Open toe

Category B

Price:  £42.00

EvenFeed Closed toe

Not shown

Category B

Price:  £42.00

machine feet categories INDUSTRIAL FEET


Hemmer Foot

  Hemmer foot

Standard Hemmer foot Snapon fits most basic snap on foot machines.(not bernina or husqvarna)


Price £5.50






Overcast   foot





Over cast foot

For sewing machine

Category A

Snapon fits all basic snap on foot machines.

See rolled hem tutorial for more


Only  £5.50








Domestic ruffler attatchment

Low shank ruffler attatchment

Snap on fitting Price £39.00






images jq2 Kim3 005 Buy Freehand emb foot cat B £13 Buy 1/4inch seamfoot cat A £13