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Janome 9300DX

Janome 8002D

Janome 6234XL


8002D Janome 6243XL

We are unable to supply products outside mainland U.K.

NOTE The Warranty on  Janome branded products supplied within U.K. territories only applies in those territories.


Price: £259  


Price: £399  


 3 or 4 Thread overlocker

 *Ergonomic tension dials (Thread neatly arranged)

 *Colour Coded thread guide easy to follow

 *Takes standard ball point needles

 *Differential feed

 *Easy rolled hem no need to change needle plate

 *Retractable cutter for decorative overlock


All the features of the 9002D this top quality model

 *Robustly designed

 *Ideal for schools /  colleges

 *Serious sewing  


3 or 4 Thread overlocker

 *Colour Coded thread guide for easy threading

 *Uses standard ball point needles

 *Differential feed

 *Easy rolled hem

 *Retractable knife for decorative overlocking

oL 9300DX