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Janome 1000CPX

Janome 1200D


1000CPX 1200D

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Price: £369  


Price: £749  

Janome 1200D Professional


The Janome 1200D is a top of the range machine which will sew a top and bottom cover hem simultaneously to create an industrial style cover hem.It has a wide range of overlocking,flatlock, blanket and chain stitches and adjusts the tension automatically for each stitch you select.

 *Combination overlocker with cover stitch

 *2,3,4 & 5 Thread overlocker

 *Differential feed

 *Stitch length dials

 *Double chain stitch

 *Automatic Rolled Hem


The Janome 1000CPX is a cover stitch only machine

with a differential feed range of 0.5-2.25 and stitch length 1-4mm,

 *Cover stitch only

 *1,2or3 needles

 *Large arm space

 *Differential feed

 *Powerful 1,000 stitch per minute

 *Auto tension release

 *Double chain looper

Janome 1000CPX COVER PRO